Thursday, January 17, 2013

2. Networking series - Fortigate

Last time we looked at Aerohive Radius accounting message. This time we will be considering how Fortigate works.

We have the latest patch of version 5 FortiOS (FortiOS 5.0 Build 0128). This means that we have features such as:
  • FSSO - Fortinet Single Sign On, is a feature that requires an agent/collector setup to be installed on every AD and DC in the netwrok in order to collect and forward user logins to Fortiage unit. It is not perfect and may miss, sometimes, a logout. However,  we never encountered a problem with a missed login.
  • RSSO - Radius Single Sign On, is a feature that requires all accounting packets to be sent to Fortigate unit. This setup allows the unit use external Radius authentication server in order to classify users.
  • FortiBar - A tool bar that appears on some user accessed webpages with additional information and actions. 
All of the above may be useful for our  project.

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