Networking Series 2012

Following are a series of posts on WebQuota on a Fortigate unit in a scenario when FSSO and BYOD users exist in the same environment. AT the same time I provide some unique insight at core feature of Fortigate unit and some interesting technical details about Aerohive's implementation of Radius accounting system.
It is targeted towards technical assistance personnel and experts at Fortinet. I hope that this information will help someone to save time, money and efforts.
  1. Purpose - just a little about why I decided to write about all this.
    1. Setup - some details about our setup.
    2. Aerohive - useful information about Aerohive accounting message format.
  2. Fortigate - Some details about our Fortigate unit and setup.
    1. FSSO
    2. RSSO - All information that I have about Radius Single Sign On that you cannot find in the KB or in official documentation.
    3. FortiBar
  3. Partial Solution

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