Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fortigate - widget malfunction - multiple bugs

If you have tried to reconfigure/modify, add or move a widget and noticed that your action was not completed:

Fortigate has confirmed that it is a bug in UI and in CLI. There are multiple bug reports associated with this case and it should be fixed in the next release.

Versions affected by these bugs: v5.0 patch release 2 and carried over to 3.
Fix expected: v5.0 patch release 4 which is still pending official release at this time

UPDATE from 19-08-2013: For me, it is confirmed that the bug was not fixed in the v5.0 patch release 4. Moreover, I see a clear slowdown in the authentication of Fortigate after applying the patch: the first call seems slower than before. While this patch fixes many bugs, more testing is needed.

UPDATE from 27-08-2013: The support insists that there are two widget types: "old" and "new" the old being available only through CLI. My experience differs: I have been able to reset to default all widgets and recreated the ones I need through GUI. I was able to successfully create and modify both "traffic history" and "interface history" types.
I have requested additional research on the topic but for now it looks like the support is a big disappointment. Is it just me or everyone feels that Fortinet support is not as good as it used to be? Often, they do not have the latest information, are not trained and have no idea on how to help you...

UPDATE from 28-08-2013: The support has totally ignored the fact that GUI worked as expected after a reset.  However, they did confirm that the widget named "traffic history" is the one that may be removed in the future patches as it is considered CPU intensive and was made available only because many customers have requested it.

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