Sunday, October 13, 2013

Adding OS definitions to Aerohive

In the default config, Aerohive has many OS objects. However, you will find that many are missing. In my install, I have found that all Blackberry devices were identified as Linux/unknown.


First, we need to get the list of DHCP fingerprints:

In this file, we will find the blocks of the info we need to add to our OS object list.

OS objects

OS objects can be found in Configuration --> Advanced configuration --> Common objects --> OS objects. A full config can be exported in the form of a text file. In fact, I strongly suggest to have a look at the way it is formatted before adding or modifying anything. Once you are familiar with the format and ready to add a new definition, you can use Import function to do so.

In our case, we would like to add Blackberry to the list. In the online dhcp_fingerprints.conf, we find the following:
[os 1101]
description=RIM BlackBerry

We format it according to the format found in Aerohive:

Now we can simply create a text file and import it into our config. Note however that there maybe conflicts in object definitions! When searching for Blackberry keyword in the dhcp_fingerprints.conf  you will find the following:
# 1,3,6,15 : 3 CONFLICTS with BlackBerry
[os 404]
description=OEMed Wireless Router

Of course this conflict will never appear unless we have such a device on the network and in our OS objects list. This could explain why Aerohive adds only most common objects in the default config.

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