Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dynamicly apply drivers in SCCM 2012 R2

As I have mentioned before, we have Apple, Lenovo, HP and Dell brands in the domain. We will use a custom collection variable make to differentiate between different brands and apply appropriate drivers.

In general, we have imported drivers with appropriate labels and everything to ensure that we can control the deployment and future cleanup in a granular manner. However, during the deployment, unless there is a compatibility issue, I prefer to use more broad categories such as Apple, Lenovo etc instead of going into lots of details (ex.: Lenovo 10AF, Lenovo 10AD, Apple iMac 9.1 etc.). In any case, SCCM will install only the best matched drivers from the categories selected in this step.

In a TS it looks like this:

The config for Apple Device drivers is the following:

For Lenovo, HP and others, we have to choose the appropriate category and appropriate value for make variable. For Unknown System it looks like this:

Note that in the case of unknown system, the computer will not be part of any predefined dynamic collection. Therefore, the custom variable will not exist in this case. 

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